Bring your events to life

We have created wePix arena so that the spectators become
actors in an original smart light show,
allowing them to share it with their favourite artists or sports team.

Wemusic, sports, emotions & YOU

Are you an event or concert organiser ?

Transport the audience into your artistic world by offering them a magical moment that they will share with the artists.

Are you the president of a club or a supporters'club ?

Emphasise your club's identity by lighting up your arena in your colours, making your opponents turn pale 😉.
Offer your supporters unforgettable pre-match experiences.

wePix arenaOffer emotions to your audience

Our solution to illuminate your events

Our concept is simple.

We will transform your audience's smartphones into a giant screen.
This screen will display light animations that we will have created with you depending on the event and the configuration of your arena.

No hardware is necessary in your arena.

Everything happens on your spectators' smartphones, connected to the Internet.

Smartphones are not connected to each other.

wePix arenaMake the moment shine

You love your spectators,

so make them stars

During a light show, they will put on a spectacle, all together to share this moment with you.

The app is available on the stores.

They will choose your event and the seat they occupy.

At your signal, they will select light show 1, 2, 3 ou 4

and their screens or torches will light up in sync to illuminate the event.

To throw Mexican waves (Ola) in their colours, let them do it 😉

You will have a carousel of 320x100 banners for targeted communication towards your audience.

No other ads will be displayed in the app.

wePix arenaWe can't wait to meet you

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